Kailyn Lowry taking a selfie for some reason. (Instagram)

It’s a question that should be as easy as counting to five, right? Well, apparently not when it comes to Kailyn Lowry. Despite being a public figure with a knack for sharing every detail of her life, she’s got some people scratching their heads and wondering if she’s been playing a game of hide-and-seek with her children.

Rumor has it that there might just be a secret fifth child lurking in the shadows, carefully hidden away like a diaper that needs changing multiple times a day. It sounds absurd, but hey, Kail hasn’t exactly come out and put those rumors to rest. Suspicious, isn’t it?

But hold on to your baby bumps, folks, because the conspiracy theorists aren’t stopping there. They’re taking it up a notch and suggesting she might be cooking up baby number six! Seriously, do they think she’s running a maternity ward or planning a soccer team?

To add fuel to the fire, when Kailyn made an appearance at the Webby Awards, some eagle-eyed Redditors went into full detective mode. They claimed she was strategically hiding a baby bump, like she was dressing for the Arctic while trying to keep that belly under wraps. Water drinking and cleverly positioned kids in photos were all scrutinized as evidence. Talk about Sherlock Holmes in mommy mode!

While some level-headed fans dismissed the speculations as nothing more than filtered Instagram vs. reality, others couldn’t resist joining the baby bump bandwagon. They even threw in references to “baby gate 2.0,” as if Kail’s past pregnancy controversies weren’t enough to keep the rumor mill spinning.

In the end, it’s hard to say for certain how many little ones are running around in Kailyn’s kingdom. But one thing’s for sure: until she clears the air and spills the baby beans, we’ll all be left guessing and wondering if she’s simply building an army of mini-mes. Time will tell, folks. Time will tell.

This slunt is a true disaster. I forgot how much she makes me want to vom.

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