I’m back bitches. Soak me up.

by mB

Don’t worry what the fuck I’ve been up to. I am still alive even though everyone thought I killed myself with vodka and scripts.

Nothing of the sort. I have been busy sluntin’ and debauchin’ around the world and didn’t feel like I needed to share any of that shit with you.

A bitch needs her alone time. So, 10 years later here I am. Still a dumb cunt with nothing but negativity on my mind.

I miss my slunts and sharing in the enjoyment of wearing shit that makes people feel awks when they see it on us.

So I figure it’s time to fire up the laptop and pound out some new designs that have been perculatin’ in my mind. Also, I may bitch to my friends and nip but they all get tired of it so I need to vent through my celeb bashing blog again. It was an outlet in my life that I truly enjoyed and miss.

I would say thanks for coming back and joining in the fun but I really don’t give a flying fuck who reads this garbage or buys my shit. Fuck all yalls bitches! ::sip:: <3 mB.

Sluntin’ is a habit, get like mB.

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