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In an unequivocal and, dare I say, inevitable turn of events, Danny Masterson, the former star of “That ’70s Show,” has finally received his sentence: a substantial 30 years of incarceration. The courtroom drama unfolded in Los Angeles, where Masterson’s fate was sealed with this rather hefty sentence, leaving many unsurprised, considering the gravity of his crimes.

In a narrative that would make even the most seasoned legal thriller writers raise an eyebrow, Masterson found himself convicted on two counts of rape back in May. It’s a tale of intrigue that somehow managed to leave the third count unresolved, akin to a cliffhanger episode in a courtroom drama series.

The alleged events date back to the early 2000s when Masterson was diligently working on his comedy series, adding a layer of irony to this grim story.

But let’s not forget the trial in October, a compelling subplot that ended in a mistrial, echoing the kind of suspenseful plot twists we’ve come to expect from the world of legal proceedings. The scriptwriters for this courtroom saga sure knew how to keep us on the edge of our seats. Masterson’s legal team even attempted a classic “dismissal plot twist,” but alas, the show had to go on, and so did the trial.

Masterson’s attorney, Philip Cohen, brought a touch of irony to the proceedings, suggesting that the heart of the matter was the ever-evolving statements made by the accusers. It’s almost as if they were competing in a dark comedy of storytelling.

And for the grand finale, Masterson didn’t share quarters with the regular jail population at the L.A. County Men’s Central Jail; he was placed in “administrative segregation.” An exclusive club, you might say, previously graced by the likes of O.J. Simpson and Suge Knight. Quite the celebrity jailhouse, one could argue.

In the end, this narrative serves as a somber reminder of the justice system’s workings, with a dash of sarcasm thrown in for good measure. Danny Masterson’s sentencing, a story riddled with legal intricacies, serves as a stark reminder that even in real life, the drama can be just as captivating as any courtroom TV series.

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