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Charli Burnett, the reality TV sensation from “Vanderpump Rules,” spilled the beans on a juicy rumor about her co-star, Tom Sandoval. Brace yourself for this wild ride, folks! According to Charli, word on the street is that Sandoval had a rather peculiar prerequisite for getting busy with someone. Apparently, he allegedly made a woman sign an NDA before diving into the depths of passion. Talk about taking confidentiality to a whole new level! Who knew sex required legal paperwork these days?

Back in 2019, during the filming of the show, Charli was told about this spicy tidbit. But being the innocent soul she was at the time, she shrugged it off as just another juicy piece of gossip. Oh, how naive we can be! Fast forward to March, and the bomb dropped—Sandoval was caught red-handed having a steamy affair with Raquel Leviss, despite being in a nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix. Oopsie daisy, Sandoval, your secret’s out!

Now, Charli’s connecting the dots and realizing that Sandoval might have been playing a role this whole time. Move over, Hollywood actors, we have a master of disguise right here! The guy enjoyed donning his little facade and being the ultimate character, or so Charli suspects.

Naturally, we reached out to Sandoval’s representative for a comment, but they seem to be as elusive as Sandoval’s integrity. No response yet, folks! And let’s not forget the steamy dance party at The Abbey in 2022, where Sandoval and Leviss apparently couldn’t keep their hands off each other. A witness spilled the beans, and Charli was like, “No way, get outta here!” But alas, it turned out to be true, as Sandoval confessed during the show’s finale. Talk about dancing your way into trouble!

The aftermath of this scandalous affair, aptly dubbed “Scandoval” by the fans, was captured on camera. Ariana Madix, bless her heart, discovered the sizzling evidence when Sandoval’s phone decided to reveal a rather explicit video of Leviss. Whoopsie, Sandoval, you dropped your phone—and your fidelity!

I can’t wait to see how Bravo unfolds this saucy drama. Get ready for the scandalous details, the tears, the fights, and of course, the signature cocktails. It’s going to be one hell of a ride, folks. Buckle up and grab your popcorn—Scandoval is about to take center stage!

Ya and Sandoval had to sign some checks to sleep with all these dirty slores.

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