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As the spotlight shines on Lizzo, the dark truth behind her alleged mistreatment of employees emerges. Following the recent lawsuit accusing the “Truth Hurts” singer of weight-shaming and sexually denigrating behavior, more individuals are coming forward to support the claims.

Quinn Whitney Wilson, Lizzo’s former creative director, and dancer Courtney Hollinquest shared their harrowing experiences on social media. Though they are not part of the lawsuit, they revealed similar mistreatment during their time working with the Grammy winner. Hollinquest praised the dancers’ courage for shedding light on the issue, while Wilson expressed her own grief over her past encounters with the singer.

The lawsuit outlines disturbing events during a tour in Amsterdam in February 2023. Lizzo allegedly pressured a dancer, Arianna Davis, to inappropriately touch a nude performer and later encouraged others to join in demeaning acts. The environment was described as “sexually charged and uncomfortable.”

Moreover, the plaintiffs claim that Lizzo and the tour company treated Black dancers differently, with comments charged with racial and fat-phobic animus. Davis was allegedly accused of lacking commitment due to weight gain, while Crystal Williams was fired amid budget cuts, and Noelle Rodriguez resigned following Lizzo’s aggressive behavior.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages, including punitive damages and attorney’s fees, for the alleged demoralizing treatment they endured. These revelations paint a stark contrast to Lizzo’s public image, raising questions about her behavior behind closed doors.

As the lawsuit unfolds, the stunning contrast between Lizzo’s public persona and her alleged private actions leaves many questioning the true nature of the star.

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