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Leah Messer has a bone to pick with MTV executives, and she’s not holding back!

In a tell-all feature for Teen Vogue, the former Teen Mom 2 star demands that the cameras should have been cut the moment her drug addiction turned into a dangerous spectacle.

“Seriously, you can see me high as a kite. Cut the cameras, for crying out loud!” Messer exclaimed in the article, published just the other day.

“Instead of exploiting it for TV drama, they should have staged a full-blown intervention right then and there. Talk about missed opportunities!”

Over the years, Messer has been quite candid about her struggles. In her memoir, “Hope, Grace & Faith,” she revealed the unfortunate fallout from a botched spinal tap during a C-section with her daughter Addie back in 2013.

The excruciating pain that followed led her down a dark and twisted path.

On a podcast back in 2020, Messer even dropped the bombshell confession that she had dabbled in heroin at one point.

“I was going down the wrong rabbit hole, buying stuff off sketchy streets, doing all sorts of illegal shenanigans. It was a downward spiral,” Messer admitted three years ago.

“I was popping so many prescription pills, it eventually led to smoking ’em. And then, just to add a little spice to the mix, I decided to give heroin a whirl.”

On Teen Mom 2, viewers were treated to the sight of Leah nodding off while cradling her newborn niece. And who can forget that jaw-dropping moment when Messer rambled about “dye in the baby’s head” during a drug-induced phone call with her daughter’s nurse? Talk about a wild ride!

According to this eye-opening Teen Vogue profile, there wasn’t a single instance when the camera crew had the decency to cut filming “an obviously high young mother struggling to keep it together for her kids.”

But hey, at least the producers did lend a hand in 2015 by pushing Leah to seek professional help.

Acknowledging their assistance, the mother of three admitted in the magazine that it was a producer who saw alarming footage of her driving and urged her to enter rehab.

“It’s a bittersweet pill to swallow because, let’s face it, without MTV, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the help I desperately needed. So, kudos to them,” Leah told the outlet, although she couldn’t resist throwing a little shade their way.

“However, it does make you wonder, couldn’t they have taken action without making it a public spectacle? Like, seriously, there must have been another way,” she added.

Sure, the argument holds some truth, but in 2020, Messer actually gave credit to the network for turning her life around.

“I owe my sanity and being a mom to MTV and my trusty manager, Lindsay Reilly,” Leah gushed at the time.

In 2022, fans were convinced that Leah Messer had tied the knot in secret (spoiler alert: she hadn’t!). Oh, the joys of social media speculation!

Messer is the proud mama of 13-year-old twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah, from her first marriage to Corey Simms, and she also has a 10-year-old daughter named Adalynn from her second marriage to Jeremy Calvert.

And let’s be real, she’s probably talking to Teen Vogue and creating buzz to help alleviate some financial woes. Gotta pay those bills, right?

Responding to Teen Vogue’s request for comment, an anonymous Teen Mom 2 producer stuck to their guns, claiming they were merely following the “principles of documentary filmmaking.”

“We’re here to document, not intervene,” they declared, probably with a dramatic eye roll.

MTV is the lowest of the low. This sounds on par with them fuckers.


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