Alix sluntin' in paradise (Instagram)

Prepare yourselves for a tale of vacation woes and misadventures that could make even the unluckiest traveler cringe with sympathy (or maybe just laugh uncontrollably). Alix Earle, the TikTok star, and her merry band of friends embarked on a European escapade, only to find themselves in quite the pickle.

Picture this: Ten friends, a dreamy European vacation, and the promise of a picturesque villa in Positano. Sounds like a recipe for a perfect getaway, right? Well, not so fast! As it turns out, their so-called “scenic villa” was as mythical as a unicorn riding a rainbow. Yep, it didn’t exist! Talk about being left high and dry—literally, because they were stranded in Italy!

In a TikTok video that captured the chaos, Alix, the self-proclaimed leader of the pack, lamented their misfortune. With a mix of despair and humor, she declared, “We’re stranded in Italy. The house we were supposed to stay at doesn’t exist. Our car service canceled. It’s midnight. We literally don’t know where to go. The girls’ trip took a turn.”

But fear not, dear readers, for these resilient souls refused to let their housing mishap dampen their spirits. They found temporary refuge in a hotel, which led to the hilarious sight of four grown adults squeezed into a single bed. Ah, the joys of shared accommodations!

Despite the unexpected turn of events, the group embraced the mantra of “making the best of it.” Their TikTok comments section became a safe haven of encouragement and humor, with fans suggesting that the universe was simply nudging them to hit the club instead. Well, when life gives you lemons, go dance your heart out, right?

In a surprising twist, Airbnb’s official account swooped in to save the day (or so it seemed). “Babes we got you. Our people are calling you now,” they assured the stranded travelers. Whether this was a heroic act or just a cheeky comment remains to be seen, as the outcome was as mysterious as their missing villa.

From wild parties in Ibiza to sharing cramped quarters in Italy, these graduates from the University of Miami have truly experienced a rollercoaster of post-graduation adventures. It seems Alix Earle’s motto is “never a dull moment,” and boy, does she live by it.

So, folks, remember to double-check your accommodations, embrace the unexpected, and never underestimate the power of a shared bed. It’s moments like these that create memories you’ll be talking about for years to come. Bon voyage, Alix, and may your future travel escapades be filled with a little less chaos and a lot more comfort!

Can’t trust them eyetalians. I need pizza now.

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