Vegas Vibes: 90 Day Star Debbie Johnson Reunites with Tony and Larissa for an Epic Hangout! (Instagram)

Debbie Johnson, the lovable 90 Day: The Single Life alum, recently took to Instagram to share a photo of her fabulous dinner outing in Vegas. And guess who joined her? None other than Larissa Lima and her beloved Tony! It seems like these two ladies have put their past differences aside and are now enjoying each other’s company over some scrumptious Brazilian food at Fogo de Chao.

Debbie couldn’t contain her excitement as she gushed about the wonderful time they had together. In her caption, she thanked Larissa for treating them to dinner and expressed how nice it was to catch up with her. She even declared her love for Larissa, sealing the newfound friendship with a virtual heart party in the comments.

Larissa, being the self-proclaimed Queen that she is, shared the same photo on her own Instagram with a caption that proclaimed, “Love always wins with Tony and Debbie.” Well, who can argue with that? It’s like a fairytale ending for this trio, a true tale of redemption and friendship.

Let’s not forget the rocky history between Larissa and Debbie. Back when Larissa was married to Colt, they were like oil and water, constantly at odds with each other. But it seems that time and distance have worked their magic, and now they’re all smiles and heart emojis.

Some fans have speculated about Colt’s role in all this drama, wondering if he secretly enjoys seeing the women in his life clash. Is he the puppet master pulling the strings? We may never know.

But one thing is for sure, Debbie has found love again with her Canadian beau, Tony Starcevich. They radiate affection and warmth, even in the chilly Canadian weather. And it’s no surprise that they decided to visit Vegas and catch up with Larissa, as they’ve all come a long way from their tumultuous past. (Well, Tony wasn’t there for the earlier stuff, but let’s just go with it.)

So, here’s to newfound friendships, Brazilian feasts, and love conquering all. May this trio continue to share heartwarming moments and delicious meals together, bringing joy to our reality TV-loving hearts. Cheers to Debbie, Larissa, and Tony, the unexpected dream team of Vegas!

I truly miss Colty and Larissa together.. dream couple.

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