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Hold onto your real estate hats because we’ve got some juicy gossip for you! Amanza Smith, the fabulous star of “Selling Sunset,” has spilled the beans on her feud with fellow realtor Chrishell Stause, and it’s Instagram war at its finest.

In response to a nosy fan who accused her of hating on Stause for no reason, Smith finally spilled the tea. She wrote, “I’ve never given a reason for blocking Chrishell because no one bothered to ask, duh!” Oh, the suspense! Smith teased that she would reveal all in due time, leaving fans hanging like curtains in a fancy mansion.

But the drama didn’t end there! Upset fans flooded Smith’s social media, shocked that she had distanced herself from her long-time pal. Smith clapped back, saying, “Things have changed, people! Blocking wasn’t petty; it was like avoiding an ex’s awkward family reunion. Awkward!”

To make matters worse, Smith shocked everyone when she referred to Stause by her birth name, Terrina, instead of her chosen name. Talk about throwing some shade! Fans were left clutching their pearls, wondering if the next move would be a reality TV slap-fest.

One fan even exclaimed, “I’ve lost all respect for you, Amanza!” Oh no, the respect meter is plummeting! Stause, known for her tough upbringing and recent personal losses, must be in need of some serious support right now. Can’t we all just hug it out in a glamorous mansion?

So, the feud rages on, leaving fans hanging like unsold properties in a slow market. Will Amanza and Chrishell reconcile or continue this Instagram battle? Stay tuned, my real estate divas, because this saga is far from closing.

Sorry Sharron but that slore Amanza is anything but fabulous.

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