Buckle up, my fucking fabulous friends, because we’re about to take a joyride through the scandalous world of Vanderpump Rules! Ariana Madix, the queen bee of the show, has emerged from the ashes of her relationship with Tom Sandoval, armed with enough drama to rival a Shakespearean tragedy. And guess what? She spilled the piping hot tea on the Call Her Daddy podcast, leaving us all gagging and gasping for more!

Let’s dive headfirst into this gossip extravaganza, shall we? Imagine a scene straight out of a soap opera: Sandoval and Madix snuggled up in bed, dreaming of rainbows and unicorns, when suddenly, he sneaks off to the guest room for a steamy rendezvous with none other than her so-called bestie, Raquel Leviss. It’s like a twisted version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where the guest room bed is “just right” for some scandalous shenanigans. I bet that guest room has seen more action than a Hollywood casting couch!

But hold on to your cosmos, because it gets even juicier! Madix admits that she turned a blind eye to Sandoval and Leviss’s flirty friendship. It’s like she was rocking a blindfold and playing a game of “Pin the Affair on the Donkey.” In hindsight, she realized she should have grabbed a magnifying glass and played detective. Lesson learned, my friends: When your partner’s flirt game is stronger than a Kardashian’s selfie game, it’s time to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and investigate!

And let’s not forget the tragic doggie twist in this sordid tale. While Madix was mourning the loss of her furry friend, she never could have fathomed that her partner was busy betraying her. It’s like trying to mourn peacefully at a funeral while someone is tap-dancing on the casket. Talk about a disrespectful waltz with infidelity!

Now, let’s dig into the therapy sessions, shall we? Madix spills the tea on how she and Sandoval sought professional help to salvage their sinking ship of a relationship. Little did she know, the affair had already set sail, and therapy was just Sandoval’s sneaky way of gently ending things. It’s like going to a mechanic to fix a flat tire, only to find out your car is missing a whole engine!

Oh, and the breakup conversation before Madix discovered the affair? It’s a rollercoaster ride of drunken confessions and midlife crises. They went out on Valentine’s Day, surrounded by friends, including Leviss. Then, under the influence of alcohol, they embarked on a drunken conversation about their relationship. Madix never interpreted it as a breakup, but Sandoval claimed he was going through a midlife crisis. Newsflash, Sandoval: Midlife crises don’t usually involve hopping into bed with your partner’s bestie. Nice try, though!

And here’s a spicy rumor that had tongues wagging: an alleged open relationship. Rumors started swirling when Sandoval and Leviss were spotted getting cozy at a bar without Madix. But Madix shuts down those rumors like a boss, claiming that it was all a figment of Sandoval’s imagination. The relationship was as monogamous as a nun’s vow of chastity!

But wait, there’s more! Madix drops bombshells about Sandoval’s alleged history of infidelity, including an encounter in San Diego that he vehemently denied. Talk about getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar and swearing you’re on a sugar-free diet! Denial, my friends, is not just a river in Egypt.

And if you thought the drama couldn’t get any juicier, think again. Madix spills the tea on Sandoval using other people’s credit cards to cover his expenses for Leviss. It’s like he’s playing a real-life version of “Catch Me If You Can,” but instead of being a charismatic con artist, he’s just a guy with a wallet full of borrowed plastic. Note to Sandoval: Identity theft is not a good look, darling!

So, there you have it, folks. The Vanderpump Rules cheating scandal has taken us on a wild ride, complete with bedroom escapades, blind-eyed trust, and credit card confessions. It’s a whirlwind of betrayal that would make even the most seasoned soap opera writers green with envy. Stay tuned for the next episode of “As the Vanderpump Turns,” where we uncover even more scandalous secrets and maybe, just maybe, find a glimmer of truth in this web of lies. Cheers to the drama!

The less I hear about this slunts shitty sex life the better. stfu!


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