I hail from the eccentric swamps of Beverly Hills and North Scottsdale, and I embody the unique combination of mentally ill and laid-back vibes from both cities. I take the ordinary and transform it into high fashion with a surprising element of shock in all of my designs.

As the creator of materialBitch clothing, also known as “Curse Couture,” I am the epitome of casual luxury fashion that exudes a violent glamor and an irreverent attitude. My designs are specifically made for fearless bitches who are unafraid to embrace their inner slunt and turn up the debauchery to 11.

At materialBitch, I don’t just offer life-changing fashion; my devoted team of bitches provides an experience that makes you feel like a total boss. My slunts are committed to delivering exceptional service with a side of sass to all of our customers. If you don’t like it, tough luck, fuck off. <3 mB

As the creator of materialBitch Curse Couture, my designs transform ordinary fashion into extraordinary luxury. With a bold and unique edge, my casual yet chic offerings are perfect for confident and fearless individuals.

Thanks to my ADHD-driven hyperfocus and unwavering attention to detail, I am able to consistently deliver exceptional, high-quality fashion. Embrace your inner slunt and elevate your status with Curse Couture. Hit me up at

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